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How do I Stick to an Entertainment Budget?

It is great fun to go out with our friends and family, see a play, have a meal and drink, go to a show or club, buy music, films and books. It can be easy to spend a lot of money on these things because they are lots of fun. This means that if you want to reduce how much you spend in this area, it can be difficult. So even if you set a budget it can be tricky to stick exactly to it. There are some things that you can do that might help.

Find free entertainment

There are ways to find free entertainment and it can be worth looking out for these. You can borrow books and ebooks from libraries these days and so you do not even have to go out in order to get books. You can also listen to music on the radio so that you can listen for free. If you want to watch films or television shows, there are lots of free ones that you can look at on YouTube and other similar sites. There are free games that you can play online as well, so there are plenty of things that you can do. Most will need a computer or mobile device but as most of us have these anyway it will not cost extra money.

Reduce how often you go out

It is often going out that costs the most money. This is because it is expensive to buy food and drink as well as pay for clubs, shows, films etc. If you go out less often, then you will not spend so much money. Therefore, if you restrict how often you go out this could help. This may not be a very attractive prospect but it will mean that you are limited in hoe much you will be able to spend as you will not be out so often. If you are struggling to stick to your entertainment budget still going out a lot, then it could be the only way that you will be able to make sure that you just cannot spend too much money.

Only take cash out with you

Many people are not keen on carrying cash, but if you only have cash with you, then once it is spent you will not be able to spend any more. This means that you will have a physical barrier to spending more money as there will simply be no more available to spend. This can help but you will need to make sure that you spend your money wisely and leave money for a taxi home and things like this.

It is also worth remembering that having less money does not need to mean that you have to have less fun. There are lots of fun things to do that are free such as just enjoying the company of your friends and family or going out for a walk. It might sound less fun, but if you go out somewhere quiet it can give you the opportunity for a nice long chat and to rediscover each other when you may have not really been able to do that when you were listening to music, watching a film etc You may also start to really appreciate the times that you go out if you are going out less often.

It can also be helpful if the people that you normally go out with know that you are restricting your budget too. They may support you and help you to spend less by reminding you that you are trying to cut down. They might be happy to also cut down so that they can help their own financial situation as well.